We operate and deploy (as a service) two data models on the web:

- Runoffcentre – reinsurance debt trading, and

- Subrocentre – simple web-claims management


Our partnership with Ultimate Risk Solutions of New Jersey means that we have the finest technical tools for the purposes of DFA and related analytical services. The range of URS’s tools is constantly being extended and the major research currently being explored is a global economic scenario generator model. 


Our skills in constructing ad-hoc spreadsheet models for many of our clients is highly valued and we are involved in a wide range of insurance related modelling projects.



An internet-based reinsurance management facility whose main focus is the efficient sale and purchase of reinsurance debt. The facility is aimed primarily at the run-off market, but the services provided are equally applicable to the live market.



This is an example of the work we have undertaken in designing and managing the development of web-based solutions for the insurance industry. Subrocentre is owned and operated by James, Brennan & Associates and our technology partner in developing the software is Ri3K                                                                                   << READ LESS



James, Brennan & Associates have partnered with Ultimate Risk Solutions, Inc. ( to provide a range of DFA and other software products to the insurance and banking sectors. The core products are:


  • Risk Explorer – for DFA

  • UltiFit – used to fit statistical distributions to data samples

  • Excel translator – to convert Excel spreadsheets into compiled DLLs

  • Resolver – stochastic claims reserving



The world’s most widely used spreadsheet package is Microsoft Excel and the financial services industry is almost totally reliant on spreadsheet models for smaller data manipulation, financial modelling and graphical presentation tasks.


Excel is a fantastic tool and James, Brennan & Associates'extensive experience and high competency in the field has involved us in delivering a wide range of financial models to our clients, including


  • Data gathering

  • Reserving and data presentation

  • DFA and capital evaluation

  • Pricing using various techniques

  • Catastrophe models


We have a practical approach to model delivery and deployment based on relevant industry experience